Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This picture is the most ominous yet, and it shows that even a door can change it's personality if given the right props, surroundings and special effects. I also want to note the lack of snow and the change in the background in the pictures now. At one point the pics were surrounded by snow and cold, now the summer is taking over!

I like this picture because of the shadow. I'd like it even more if that runner wasn't there, but alas, the park is a public place and the door is a part of that place. I found the door on this visit about 20 feet away from where I left it. Tossed down a hill and on its back. It was a beautiful afternoon and it was time to rectify once again. On my way to the park on this day, I was trying to picture where I would take the door and just couldn't think of anything, so when I found the old guy, I picked him up and began to walk. That was when I ran into the sun. I had not used any shadows yet, so why not give it a try? Here is the result.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

After removing the door from the barracks I moved the door on to a hill with a great view. Things were depressing in the barracks and life was tough down there. Sun was limited and there were reminders everywhere of the purpose of the barracks. They were for fighting. Above where I had placed the door there were cement craters that must have been for canons, and there where some great places to fire guns if the fort was ever attacked. Up on the hill life changed quickly for the door. Within minutes of being stood up, tourists were getting there pictures taken with him. He was now a bit of and in park celebrity, this immigrant from the high seas. I hope with this new celebrity status the door doesn't change, I like him just the way he is now, reserved and faithful.

After a month long hiatus from meeteing with the door, I returned to the barracks where I had left the door. It had snowed and rained diring that period as March provided it's barrage of assorted weather. While I lay snug at home and at risk on the job, the door stood silent bearing the brunt of what nature had to offer. This is where the door ended up, from where I had left it as seen in my previous post. I wonder who moved it? They must have been having fun that day!

After another tough weekend of work it is nice to sit down and filter through some of my recent pictures of the worldly wonder known as the white door. I've been thinking about the photography of inanimate objects and that if you take enough pictures of them, in enough different places and different positions, they can take on a life of there own. This new life is only created in ones mind, and the life within this project differs from what you see. My relationship is much different with the door, more intimate. This picture has the door posing with an old military barracks over a sealed door. I've always wondered what it was like insde these sealed doors in point pleasant park...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This newest picture was taken of the door in what I would consider the most dense remaining forest area of the park. In almost every other spot in the park you can see uprooted trees or barren spots. In this oasis of trees, you feel as though you could be somewhere remote. This picture has the path framed in the door window. I had to go to the park twice to get this picture because my camera has gotten very moody and only likes to work once or twice a week now. I suppose he is getting old.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today Baerbel and I went to the park for a picnic. It was cold, and people thought we were crazy, but that feeling when you get that first warm day after in the middle of February and Bingo, shorts and a picnic... and then freeze your ass off. The wind off the water was freezing, the potato salad cold and the chicken parmesan luke warm. After I got some food in my belly, I left the scene of the picnic and went looking on the beach for the door. It wasn't there. I looked around and saw that somebody had moved it about 20 feet. It was now next to a tree. I went over to the door, picked it up, put my head where the window pane had once been and began walking. I walked about 100 yards towards the center of the park on a path and then veered off into the rough area between the Sailors Memorial Way and Heather Road, just above the Sailors Memorial.

This picture allows you to see the unpainted side of the door which was not shown in the original picture.